Twist Bobeche, US Glass

These are the only examples of these twisted candleholders that I've seen. They're 9 1/4 inches tall, in vaseline, and sold for $120 at an auction in 2000. A similar pair, sold in 2007 for $195. In 2010 a pair in light marigold sold for $75.

In 2018, a pair in white sold for $240.

In 2012, two pairs in vaseline with black trim sold for $140 and $150.

In 2015, two more pairs in vaseline sold for $110 and $165, while a vaseline pair with painted edges brought $275. A white pair brought $165.

In 2016 a pair in light marigold sold for $10.

In March of 2009, Greg Warhol sent me this photo of his recently acquired Twist Bobeche candleholders in white. He had checked around and could find no others in other collections, although he suspects there must be more. I don't know if they're the same pair, but in late 2009, a set listed as white sold for $275.

In 2018 there was another sale for $240.


Jeff Schleede sent me this photo of a celeste twist-bobeche stick in 2014. The first I've heard of, so they do exist.