Ten Thirteen R Vases, Dugan Thin Rib, Diamond

A scarce vase. Note the flames. These are the flames found on Target vases, and while this vase has the six ribs of the Target, it has no hobs. Spiralex and Wide Rib vases have eight ribs and very different flames. This vase was shown in old ads, designated simply as "1013-R."

This heavy, substantial vase has a base diameter of 3.75 inches with a 36-point star. Heights seem to range from around 9 to around 13 inches. Although produced in several opalescent colors (named 1013), the few carnival examples I've seen have been peach opal.

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These Thin Rib vases seem to have been produced by Diamond in great quantities. They have six ribs, a starred base with a diameter just under three inches, and are found mostly in marigold. The heights on these small thin vases usually range between about eight and ten inches tall. Marigold examples worth $10 to $20, other colors are scarce and some worth considerably more.

In 2015, an 11-inch version of this vase in peach opal sold for $25.

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