Photos from Readers

Occasionally readers of this Web site send me photos of interesting or unusual pieces. Here are a few.

Terry Jondahl sent me these photos of a peach opal Beaded Cable rosebowl he recently acquired from England. As far as I know, it is only the third example known.
Kate Lavelle also sent this photo in 2018 of her Northwood Fine Rib vase in sapphire opal that she and her husband acquired in 2013. She notes that it has opal only along the top edge and has the Northwood mark on the base. It is 11 3/8 inches tall with a 4 3/4 inch top flare and 3 1/2 inch base.
This photo of a Drapery spooner in white was sent to me by Kate Lavelle. It was in the collection of the late Bob and Geneva Leonard and Kate bought it at the auction of their glass. It is 4 inches tall and 4 inches wide with a 3 1/4 inch hexagonal base. It is the only iridized example known.
Brian Griffith says, "I thought you'd like to see a photo of a 'Star & Flower' hatpin in amber I recently won on an auction. According to your research there has been only one in this pattern and it was in blue."
Greg Lockhart sent me these photos of a recently acquired Butterfly and Fern variant tumbler in vaseline. I'd not heard of one before although vaseline pitchers are known.
Richard Fenton sent me this photo of his recently acquired Drapery Variant vase in rich marigold and 8 inches tall. Probably by Inwald. I've not talked with anyone who has seen this shape before.
Brendan Morant sent me this photo of his Millersburg Rays and Ribbons bowl. It's edges are cupped up, but are they cupped in enough to make it a rosebowl? I don't think so. So I'd refer to it as a cupped up bowl or deep round bowl.
This is a Fenton Spector's Department Store piece. Unlike most, however, it never got flattened into a plate. As it is two inches off the table, has to be considered a bowl. Courtesy of Chuck Hollenbach.
Gary Heavin sent me this photo of his Grape and Cable fruit bowl with a blackberry interior. He points out that there are three known and this is the only amethyst; the others are blue.
This vase is a recent find by Terry Jondahl. He calls it Puffy rose and it is 5 inches tall.
King Hoppel sent me this photo of his most interesting 6 1/2 marigold vase. He reports is as U.S. Glass pattern Aunt Polly from the late 1920s.

A couple of rare pieces owned by Greg Dilian. The vase is Field Thistle in celeste. I've never heard of another in celeste. The Pony bowl is in the ice cream shape and is dark marigold. I've heard of only one other in this shape, also in marigold.
Another unusual piece from Shawn Rosenberry and Jennifer Kaplan, this one a Flowers and Frames deep bowl or vase in peach opal.

Shawn Rosenberry and Jennifer Kaplan sent me these photos of their Pillow and Sunburst plate and their Orange Tree fruit bowl with three orange trees on the interior. The plate is only the second one that I know of; there are very few of the Orange Tree fruit bowls with only three trees--most have four.