Potpourri, Millersburg
Potpourri, found mostly in marigold milk pitchers, has a pattern dominated by large hobstars around the top with a hexagon containing 7 smaller stars below each of those. There are only about half a dozen known. Pitchers sold in 1994 for $2,600 and 2003 for $1,300 and for $425 in 2010.

One in 2016 sold for $1,000.

In 2017, a newly found pitcher in amethyst sold for $8,700.

In 2018, a marigold pitcher sold for $850.

Hartung Book Six: Potpurri

Potpourri is also the exterior pattern found on Millersburg's Poppy compotes. There is a Potpourri compote without the Poppy interior that has been whimsied into a rosebowl.

Updated 7/30/2019

This marigold bowl with a plain front and Potpourri on the back sold in 2019 for $100.