Painted Shades

These shades are enameled with a variety of scenes ranging from lakes and castles to cottages and forests. Almost always in marigold. Some have been fuond with Czechoslovakian labels. Prices vary widely, so I suspect the price of any particular shade is determined more by interest of particular people at an auction than any intrinsic value. Nonetheless, here are a few for reference:

Cabin scene, 9 inch, 150 (1998)
Castle scene, large, 250 (2001)
Castle scene, 4 sold as set, 120 (2002)
Castle scene, 55 (2003), 135 (2013), 40 (2017)
Castle scene on hanging fixture, 145 (2005)
Castle scene on gooseneck lamp, 125 (2004)
Cottage scene, 55 (2014)
Winter cottage scene, 2 boudoir lamps, 900 (2016)
Mountain winter scene, 145, 165 (both 1996)
Mountain scene, 2 shades, 45 (2016)
Mountain scene on boudoir lamp, 125 (2014)
Water scene on desk lamp, 110 (2003)
Winter scene on hanging fixture, 190 (2005)
Painted shade hanging fixture, marigold, 25 (2007)

This set of shades was sold as a chandelier as it included brass fittings for hanging. Together, they sold for $250 at the 2012 Keystone Carnival Glass Club auction. Photo courtesy of Jim Wroda Auctions.

Updated 7/19/2017

These shades, with the ever popular castle theme, sold in 2013 for $225 for the group. Photo courtesy of Seeck Auctions.