Inverted Strawberry Repro Tumblers
Inverted Strawberry tumblers have been reproduced or iridized by a number of glassmakers, including Bennett, Terry Crider, and Robert Hansen. On the left is one made by Robert Hansen, on the right by Bennett. The Hansen examples should have his name inscribed on the base; the Bennett has a small "B" on the side near the base. Hansen also used the Inverted Strawberry pattern on sugar shakers and toothpick holders.

Yet another reproduction is found in blue and is marked inside with the words NEAR CUT, as are the originals. In this version, however, the words are larger than with the original and not well formed.

Blue, 40 (2004), 20 (2005), 30 (2013)
Purple, 7 (2004)

Terry Crider iridized
Amethyst, 60 (1995)
Amber, 18 (2000)
Marigold, 20 (2010)

Hansen iridized
Amethyst, 55 (1999)
Amber, 30 (1999)
Teal, 35 (1999), 50 (2015)
Teal, signed Near Cut, 90 (1997)

Purple, 10-15

Inverted Strawberry
Inverted Strawberry souvenirs
New Inverted Strawberry miscellaneous