Hobnail, Fenton

Fenton made (and makes) its Hobnail pattern in a great variety of shapes and quite a few colors, as well as milk glass and other non-iridized pieces. They first issued the pattern in amethyst in 1980. Fenton also made items in Hobnail for Levay and other marketers.

Covered bowl, amethyst. About 7 inches long. $50 to $70.Pitcher in blue, 7 1/2 inches tall, with certificate and signed by members of Fenton Family. $75 to $100Fairy lamp in red, 3 pieces, 6-7" tall. One brought $35 in 2015. A Lilac example sold in 2013 for $30. Also known in aqua opal.
Cruet in amethyst, for Levay, 1977. Sell for between $60 and $120. Two in aqua opal brought $35 and $55 in 2014; in 2016, $85. In 2017 an AO sold for $45.Banana bowl in aqua opal for Levay, 1984, 12 inches long. $50 to $75Epergne in blue, 3 lily, $65 (2012). Red, 3 lily, $69, eBay 2004. Aqua opal, 3 lily, for Levay, $100-$200. Purple, $100 (2012).
Spittoons were made as room display awards for the Heart of America club conventions beginning in 1984. Color and age seem to make little difference in price; they sell from $15 to $25. Rosebowl in plum opal. Sold at live auction in 1999 for $40. A similar one sold on eBay in 2003 for $27; a blue example sold on eBay in 2003 for $10.Compote in peach opal for Dorothy Taylor. Sold for $33 at live auction in 1999. A plum opal compote sold on eBay in 2003 for $43.
Fan vase in plum opal, 8 inches tall. EBay 2004 for $73. Bud vase in amethyst. About $15 on eBay.Jack-in-the-pulpit vase in ruby. $37 on eBay, 2004.Toothpick holder in amethyst or aqua opal. Aqua opal sold for $75 in 2014 and $35 in 2015.
Hobnail bells in aqua opal and peach opal were made for the Lincoln-Land club. They sell for between $20 and $30. In purple or blue, they're worth about the same amount. Two in aqua opal sold in 2016 for $25 and $45.Other items
Water set, 7-piece, aqua opal for Levay, 180, live auction 1998, $180; 225 (2013)
Wine decanter, 12 inches tall, ruby, made in 1977, live auction 1998, $120
Basket, white with teal crest and handle, 8" tall, 1980s, live auction 2001, $18
Creamer and sugar set, vaseline opal, 25 (2016)
Custard set, 8 cups, aqua opal, 225 (2016)
Decanter, red, 115 (2016)
Shoe, with cat, 5 1/2 inch, ice blue, $10 to $12, eBay
Fairy lamp, lavender, hand painted, 5 inch, $35, eBay 2004
Punch set, 10 piece, aqua opal, 325 (2014)
Punch bowl and base, aqua opal, 120 (2016)
Water set, 6-piece, aqua opal, 185 (2016)
Water set, 6-piece, marigold for Levay, 35 (2016)
Wine set, 7-piece, red, 85 (2016)
In 2004, Singleton Bailey commissioned Fenton to make these 16-inch cobalt vases for him. He began by selling groups of 12 of the first and seconds on eBay, generally for the equivalent of about $15 each. Auction prices are $35 to $50.

Updated 1/22/2018