Frolicking Bears, Contemporary, Fenton

The above spittoons are in red (1982) and vaseline opal with marigold overlay (1983) sold for $65 and $135 in 2003.

This spittoon (1983) is vaseline opal with pastel iridescence. The JIP vase (1998) is amethyst. They sold for $155 and $105 as the same auction as above.

This tumbler and mug were sold at the same auction. The tumbler is celeste with coralene leaves and gold bears. It is from 1997 and sold for $325. The 1997 mug is plum opal with hand painted hummingbird and floral decor. It brought $225.

Above are a 1981 whimsey creamer and sugar in aqua opal, again from the same 2003 auction. The creamer sold for $675 and the sugar for $700.

In 1981, 1982, 1983, and 1993, the International Carnival Glass Association used the Frolicking Bears pattern for their convention souvenirs. The original shape was like a tumbler though a bit larger, perhaps like a spooner. These were made into spittoons and other shapes were whimsied as well. These whimsies were offered during a special auction following the convention banquet. The photos on this page are of spittoons and whimsies from various years that sold at the Jack Adams auction in 2003. Here are prices of pieces that have sold at auction in recent years.

1981 spittoons
Aqua opal, 130 (2013) 30, 140, 225 (all 2014)

1982 spittoons
Chocolate, 265 (2003)
Red, 40, (2013), 30, 38, 50, 55 (all 2014)

1983 spittoons
Burmese, 215 (2003)
Vaseline opal, 45, 95 (both 2013), 40 (2014)

1993 large tumbler
Amber or marigold, 40 (2014)
Lavender, 40 (2014)
White opal, 139 (ebay 2004)