Alpahbetical List of Fenton Contemporary Carnival
Fenton was the first glass maker to introduce Carnival Glass, about 1907. Their production has been continuous since then. In the 1960s when people began collecting the old Carnival, Fenton reissued a number of their patterns and has added more patterns since.    signifies reissue, others are new patterns.

Note: When Fenton began reissuing their Carnival Glass in the 1970s, there were a few patterns that got out before they started marking them with the familiar Fenton ovals. They are thought to be all amethyst:
Leaf Chain bowls
Leaf Tiers berry bowls
Persian Medallion plates
Cherry Chain bowls
Fenton's Flowers rosebowls

Alley Cats, Happy Cats
Alpine Thistle vases
American Craftsman bell
American Craftsman plates
American Craftsman stein
Apple tree
Atlantis vase, fairy lamp
Baroque covered jar
Beaded Flower fairy lamp
Beaded Melon vase
Bells for HOACGA
Bicentennial items
Bicentennial stein
Bud vases
Butterfly and Berry
Butterfly and Lattice mug
Butterfly and Tulip
Butterflies bon bon
Carolina Dogwood
Cat on Stand
Cherry Chain
Chessie covered jars
Christmas Compote
Christmas in America plates
Chrysanthemum Planter
Columbus Bell
Craftsman bell, Fenton
Craftsman plates
Daffodil vases
Daisy and Diamond fairy lamp
Dance of the Veils
Dancing Ladies
Diamond and Optic
Diamond and Rib vases
Dogwood vase
Double Dolphins compote
Drapery (Curtains)
Drape and Tie
Dusty Rose tumblers
Elite vase
Enameled Fairy Lamp, Fenton

Fenton's Flowers
Fine Cut and Grape
Fish paperweight
4108 covered jar
Frank Fenton Birthday Plate
Fruits and Flowers
Garden of Eden plate
Generations, Fenton
Goldfish Bell, Fenton
Good Luck
Good Luck souvenirs
Grape and Cable humidor bowl
Hand vase
Hanging Cherries
Hanging Hearts
Heart Box, large
Heart fairy lamp
Heavy Grape, Fenton & Imperial
Heart compote
Heart and Vine, Fenton
Hearts and Flowers
Hen on Nest
Heavy Pineapple
HOCCGA souvenirs
Hobstar & Feather
Hummingbird box
Inverted Strawberry souvenirs
Inverted Strawberry,

Lily of the Valley
Lincoln Inn tumbler
Little Brown Church jar
Lovebirds bell
Lovebirds paperweight
Lovebirds planter
Madonna bell
Masted Ship vase
Mayflower vase
Mermaid planter
Mother's Day plates

Nativity bell
Olde Virginia Glass
Open Edge
Orange Tree
Oval Pinwheel compote
Pagoda covered jar
Paneled Daisy
Paneled Fruit
Parrot Vase
Patriot Planter
Peacock and Dahlia
Peacocks Garden vases
Peacock Tail vases
Peacocks vases
Persian Medallion
Pie Wagon
Pineapple, Fenton
Pinwheel compote
Poppy lamp for Levay
Poppy relish
Puritan compote
Quilted Diamond lamp
Regal Iris lamp
Rose compote and candleholders
Sailboat & Seagull vase
"Scroll Embossed" vases
Scroll & Eye compotes
Signs, store
Snail on Stand
Stein, Craftsman
Store signs
Stork and Rushes
Strawberry covered jars,
   toothpick holders, Fenton

Sunflower pin trays
Swallows bell
Swan candlesticks
Swan mug and spittoon
Swan, pastel
Templebells bells
Three Moths bowl
Thumbprint and Ovals vases
Tulip vase
Vintage miniature epergne for

Whirling Hobstar vases
Wild Strawberry candy jars