Morning Glory Mini Pitchers, Fenton
These miniature Morning Glory items were made from the same moulds Fenton used to make club souvenirs for the American Carnival Glass Association during the 1980s. They were all sold at an auction in 2016. The purple pitcher on the left, from 1988, sold for $75. The hand painted black amethyst pitcher, center, brought $115. On the right is a marigold jack-in-the-pulpit vase whimsey, said to be one-of-a-kind, sold for $375. Below are several other similar items that sold at the same 2016 auction:

Blue opal, decorated by Louise Piper, 1986, $250

Cobalt, cased white, 1982, $145

Green, 1987, $45

Ice blue opal, decorated by Louise Piper, 1987, $225

Marigold, 1986, $35

Marigold, decorated by Martha reynolds, 1986, $220

Red, 1989, $45

Updated 2/25/17