Melon Rib

Not a particularly desirable pattern. The ribs may run either vertically or horizontally as shown in these two examples of salt and pepper shakers. Both sold in 2013, the example on the left for $15, on the right for $20. The style is found in other shapes, often vases. A melon rib fan vase in marigold carnival sold in 2011 for $225.

A set of marigold shakers like those on the right sold for $30 in 2016.

These little marigold spittoons are by Heisey and so marked. Examples sold in 2007 for $80, 2008 for $195, and 2015 for $70. Also in 2015, a lavender example brought $205.

Updated 12/21/2018

This unusual 12 1/2-inch vase in celeste blue was listed as #891 Melon Rib stretch when it sold in 2018 for $375.

Also in 2018, a fan vase listed 5 1/4 inches tall and in ice blue brought $30.