Inca Bottles

When I photographed these two bottles at a 1994 auction, they were described as an Inca bottle (in marigold) and an Inca Goddess bottle (in amber), thought to have held some sort of South American liqueur.

A 9 3/4-inch bottle in marigold with intact paper labels sold on eBay in 2005 for $175. In 2006, a marigold bottle sold at live auction for $175 and in 2008 one sold for $125.

Marigold examples sold in 2011 for $55 and $65 and for $95 in 2016. An amethyst example sold in 2016 for $110.

In 2018 an amber example sold for $110.

One similar to the bulbous head on the right sold in 2011 for $70. A marigold similar to that on the right sold in 2013 for $90. In 2014, a marigold example sold for $55 and for $65 in 2016.

There is also a similar bottle known as Aztec Sun.

Upcated 7/3/2018

This set of Inca bottles in their own carrying case sold in 2014 for $160. Note that the center bottle is the one called Aztec Sun.