Flute #393, Imperial
Imperial produced two Flute pattern lines, #393 and #700, calling both of them Colonial pattern lines. Collectors today call various shapes from both lines Flute, Colonial, or Colonial Variant. Shown above are two punch sets from the #393 line. Punch sets, as well as a few other large bowls have a "9" listed after the pattern number--#3939. The green set sold in 1994 for $405. In 2017 a marigold 6-piece set sold for $170 and a marigold punch bowl, base and 3 cups sold for $55..

The marigold punch bowl and base sold in 1996 for $105. In 2012, a similar marigold punch bowl and base sold for $115 and a 10-piece punch set in marigold sold for $500.

In 2013, a punch bowl and base in marigold sold for $140 and in 2016, two such sets sold $45 and $65.

This pitcher is part of the #393 line and designated #393 1/2 or Colonial Variant. Sauces have also been reported. Thanks to Jim Green for this photo.

In 2017 a 7-piece water set in marigold brought $200

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Updated 12/23/2017