Idyll, Fenton
While these 7-inch tall vases are listed as Idyll, they're really part of the Waterlily and Cattails family. They're quite rare. I photographed this one at a 1993 auction where it brought $600. There are several known in marigold and one ruffled example in amethyst.

In 2008, an example with a turned in top sold for $1,100. In marigold.

In 2017, a flared out marigold example sold for $2,100.

In 2018 two vases in marigold sold tor $550 and $600.

Hartung Book Five: Idyll

Among the few Idyll vases known is this ruffled one in amethyst that sold in 2009. It brought just $450, no doubt because it is cracked around the bottom.
Photo courtesy of Seeck Auctions.

Updated 7/2/2018