Heavy Web, Dugan

A large, curious pattern with a web or drapery design on the interior. I know of it only in peach opal. The 8-ruffled bowl shown here is one of two known in that shape--most are flared. There are three known chop plates flattened from the pieces used to make the bowls. A rare pattern.

Hartung Book Eight: Heavy Web

Bowls, generally about 11 inches across

Peach opal, flared, 650 (1999), 575 (2010), 700 (2014)

Peach opal, 8 ruffles, 625 (2003), 650, 1,200 (both 2014)

Peach opal, round, 500, 700 (both 2008), 475 (2009), 600 (2015)

Peach opal, square, 750 (2012), 1,050, 1,800 (both 2014)

Peach opal, banana boat shape, 1,400 (2012), 1,000 (2014)

Chop plates

Peach opal, 3,100 (1993), 3,100 (1998 private sale)

Above is the seldom seen square version of a Heavy Web bowl. In peach opal, of course, it sold for $1,050 in 2014. Photo courtesy of Seeck Auctions.

Above is a very unusual piece in the Heavy Web pattern, a handled basket made from a ruffled peach opal bowl. Courtesy of Larry Yung, Sr.