Geometric Patterns in Carnival Glass, page 1
Blaze Bowls Britt Tumblers Cambridge Cologne or barber bottles
Buzz Saw and File pitcher Buzz Saw & File tumbler (side 1) Buzz Saw & File tumbler (side 2)
Chain and Star Tumblers Chariot Compotes Charlotte Compotes
Chatelaine Pitchers and tumblers Checkerboard Pitchers, tumblers, goblets, punch cups Country Kitchen Pitchers, bowls, table sets, vases.
Crabclaw pitcher Crabclaw tumbler Curved Star Celery vases, vases, bowls, rosebowls, candlesticks, etc.
Cut Flowers vases Diamond Cut bowls (Australian) Diamond Cut vases, Inwald
Diamond and Fan Creamers Diamond and Fountain Cruets Diamond Lace Pitchers, tumblers, bowls.
Diamond Point Baskets Diamond Ring Bowls, rosebowls Diamond and Sunburst Wine set pieces.

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