Fruits and Flowers Special Pieces

Occasionally a really unusual iridization effect show up in Carnival Glass. This Fruits and Flowers plate has a striking red iridescence. It sold at the 2013 Texas Carnival Glass Association convention auction by Jim Seeck for $925. Stippled bonbons in Fruits and Flowers are quite scarce. Roughly 20 percent of Fruits and Flowers bonbons are found stippled. This one in green sold at a Jim Seeck online auction in 2015 for $300. Unstippled green bonbons typically sell in the $30 to $50 range.
In October of 2018, Francine and Michel Jacob of Canada sent me this photo of an ice blue 10-inch Fruits and Flowers bowl wondering if I had ever heard of another. I checked my database of auction sales going back 25 years and could find none listed. No one I've spoken with has seen one either.

Francine and Michel are members of the Quebec Carnival Glass Association. I asked how they came upon it and was told that Michel's half-brother, Jacques Temblay, had found it a couple of years ago at an antiques show in the Quebec Province east of Montreal at St-Charles-sur-Richelieu. The seller didn't know where it came from.

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Updated 10/29/18