Flowers and Spades, Dugan
This is an extremely rare pattern, sometimes referred to as Blossom and Spades. I show eleven of these 9- to 10-inch bowls in my database of auction sales over the last 17 years, all in peach opal. Most recent prices were $475 in 2009, $350 in 2012, and $200 in 2015. In 2016 an example sold for$160. Small berry bowls are said to exist and the pattern has been reported in amethyst.

Hartung Book Five: Flowers and Spades

Updated 4/6/2017

In 2004, Bill Curtis sent me this photo of a Dugan Flowers and Spades bowl in peach opalescent that he had recently acquired. It's in a tricorner shape, the first I've seen. All the others I know of are ruffled.