Floral Motif in Carnival Glass (Excluding Roses), Fluted Scrolls -- Peacock and Dahlia
Part 1 Acanthus -- Flowers and Spades
Part 3 Poinsettia milk pitcher -- Woodlands vase
For rose patterns, click here. Not shown are patterns in which flowers are a minor theme, i.e., Floral and Grape, Fruits and Flowers, etc.

Fluted Scrolls

Four Flowers

Four Flowers variant

Four Seventy Four

Fuchsia bonbons

Garden Mums

Grand Thistle

Harvest Flower

Harvest Poppy


Hearts and Flowers

Heavy Iris

Illinois Daisy

Illusion bonbon

Interior Poinsettia tumbler

Inverted Thistle


Lattice and Daisy

Lighting Flower

Lily of the Valley

Linn's Mums

Little Daisies

Little Flowers

Lotus and Grape

Lotus and Thistle




Mirrored Lotus

Morning Glory

Multi Fuits and Flowers

Octet bowls

Oriental Poppy

Paneled Dandelion


Peacock and Dahlia