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Back Patterns

Cherries, Dugan/Diamond

Grape and Cable, Part One

Grape and Cable, Part Two

Grape and Cable Water Sets

Grape and Cable fruit bowl with Blackberry interior

Grape and Cable reproduction butter dish

Heavy Iris

Imperial, Part One

Imperial, Part Two

Imperial Grape

Millersburg Peacock Patterns


Portland, Banded

Orange Tree


Raspberry, Northwood

Rose Patterns

Single Flower Baskets and Bowls

Windmill Scenes


Fenton Brides Baskets


Hatpins and Holders

We've Got It Covered

Rosebowls, Collar Base

Rosebowls, Footed

Small Plates

Spittoon Whimsies

Punch Sets

Carnival Glass Miniatures

Tankard Water sets

Just Tumblers

More Tumblers

Finnish Tumblers

S-Repeat Tumblers, Old and New

Rare Carnival Glass Whimsies

Unique Shapes


Perplexing Panels Vases

Poppy Show, Imperial

Pulled Husk Vases

Knobby Vases

Vase patterns

Vases, Three Patterns

Vases, Vertical Ribs, Part Two -- Four and Six Ribs

Vases, Vertical Ribs, Part Three -- Eight Ribs

Vases, Vertical Ribs, Part Four -- Nine Ribs

Vases, Vertical Ribs, Part Five -- 10, 12, and 16 Ribs

Seldom Seen Vases

Vase Whimsies

Non US Vases


Aqua Opalescent

Blues, Millersburg



Peach Opal



Carnival Glass People

Frank Fenton

Don Moore

Carl and Ferne Schroeder

Floyd and Cecil Whitley

Other Articles

About the Birmingham Age Herald pieces

Australian Carnival Glass

Breaking the Rules

Creatures in Carnival

Decorated Carnival Glass

Carnival Glass in Lights, part 1

Carnival Glass in Lights, part 2

Lettered Carnival Glass, Part 1

Lettered Carnival Glass, Part 2

Rare and Expensive, part 1

Rare and Expensive, part 2

Rare and Expensive, part 3

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