Encore (Dorothy Taylor) Mini Baskets
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Vintage miniature epergne

Beginning in the late 1970s, Dorothy Taylor began having glass makers create souvenir pieces for her Encore glass club. In the early 1980s she had a mold maker make a series of miniature baskets that were pressed and iridized by Fenton. Shown above are a Farmyard basket in peach opal (1984) that sold 1999 for $35 and a red Kittens basket (1992) that sold at the same auction for $100.
Shown here are two other baskets that sold at the same auction. The green elks basket sold for $30 and the blue panther basket for $35. Also in the series of baskets were Pony in vaseline opal, Stag and Holly in teal, Dragon and Lotus in pink, and Lions in green opal.
Kittens, aqua opal, 50-65
Kittens, burmese, 50-80
Kittens, plum opal slag, 80 (1999)
Kittens, red, 65-100
Panther, blue, 30-40
Farmyard, peach opal, 60-100
Stag and Holly, teal, 50-70
Lions, green opal, 20 (2016)

Updated 2/24/17