Terry Crider

Millersburg Hobstar and Feather tumbler in marigold, $625, 2018.

Maple Leaf pitcher and tumbler in white, $30, 2018.

Crackle JIP spittoon in red from 1979, $40, 2018.

Wreathed Cherry tumbler in aqua Opal, $275, 2018.

Lustre Corn vase in ice blue, 225 (2016).

Terry Crider and his wife Donna, began creating glass art in 1976. They sold their first pieces at flea markets. Terry had a chemistry background and he worked to develop a special formula for iridizing some of his glass. He made unique paperweights with each piece being 100% hand made and his unique iridizing formula resulted in many one of a kind pieces.

Terry also used his knowledge of chemistry to create iridized pieces from crystal glass pieces already made by other glass makers. He would purchase these pieces, re-heat them, re-shape them and iridize them.

His pieces are marked by his signature, typically etched into the bottom of the piece. His work includes paperweights, toothpick holders, novelties and even marbles. Because he worked for himself in his own facility, he often went periods of time without making any items. So his work is not often found. He stopped making glass altogether in 2014.

Some recent typical prices

Beaded Shell tumbler, marigold, 5 (2016)

Chrysanthemum ruffled bowl, ice green, 225 (2016)

Chrysanthemum Sprig tumbler, custard, 100 (2016)

Dahlia spittoon from tumbler, green opal, 145 (2016)

Daisy & Button spittoon, 1981, 27/150, marigold, 25 (2017)

Eyewinker tumbler, white, 25 (2016)

Flower Bouquet tumbler, white, 35 (2018)

Geometric spittoon, aqua opal, 60 (2017)

Heavy Iris tumbler, Gibson, burmese, 15 (2018)

Hobnail spittoon, Fenton, aqua opal, 50 2017)

Hobnail toothpick holder, footed, marigold on milk glass, 10 (2018)

Hobnail tumbler, aqua opal, 30 (2016)

Inverted Thistle spittoon from tumbler, red, 55 (2017)

Inverted Strawberry toothpick holder, JIP, celeste, 80 (2017)

Jewel & Flower tumbler, aqua opal, 85 (2016)

Leaf and Shell tumbler, black amethyst, 325 (2018)

Moon and Stars spittoon, red, 80 (2017)

Nautilus Shell tumbler, aqua opal, 40 (2016)

Paneled Floral spittoon, 1981, 14/49, aqua opal, 25 (2017)

Pattern Glass tumbler, peach opal, 90 (2018)

S-Repeat tumbler, blue-gold decor, 85 (2018)

Wild Flower tumbler, red, 45, 70 (both 2018)

Wreathed Cherry 6 1/2 inch JIP vase, blue opal, (2016)

Updated 6/23/2018