Colonial #695 and #696, Northwood

Until recently, I had listed these as Fenton's Florentine pattern. They are very similar. The main difference is the little bulbous band between the stem and base on this one. On the Fenton version it's much less pronounced. The #695 sticks are 8 3/4 inches tall; the #696 are 10 1/4. As auctioneers invariably list these as Fenton's Florentine, see that listing for prices.

One vaseline set that was correctly identifed sold in 2015 for $50 and a marigod pair went for $190 in 2016.

A correctly identified set in blue sold for $90 in 2018.

Updated 12/21/2018

This set of white #695 candleholders are unusual in that they have small notches cut into the vertical edges. They sold in 2012 for $725.

In 2018, two pairs listed as this pattern in celeste blue sold for $20 and $40.