Electric Chandeliers and Hanging Fixtures
As with desk lamps, chandeliers seem to have been designed independently of the shades and may be found with almost any of the shade patterns. The chandelier on the left had Hammered Bell shades; the one on the right Pillar and Drape. Both sold in 1994 for $500 and $600 respectively.

Here are a few more representative examples:

Four marigold on moonstone Dragon's Tongue shades, 375 (1995)

Three Smooth Panel shades in marigold, 85 (1997)

Four painted shades with winter scenes, 255 (1999)

Five white shades signed NuArt, 275 (2000)

Five Drapery shades in marigold on moostone, 275 (2001)

Two Ribbed shades in marigold, 225 (2001)

Marigold on milkglass (pattern and number unspecified), 145 (2003)

Four Nuart shades, 250 (2005)