Bottles in Carnival Glass
Below are many of the bottles found in Carnival Glass. Some are seen fairly regularly, others are probably one-of-a-kind.
Bear and dog candy containers. The white bear bottle is from the collection of Carl and Eunice Booker; the dog bottle was photographed while in the collection of the late John Britt. The lettering molded into the sides says, "Sugar, Starch, Corn Syrup."

In 2015, a marigold sitting dog candy container sold for $45. In 2017, another in marigold sold for $205.

Barrel and shoe flasks
The barrel flask sold for $300 in 1994; the white shoe, with a big toe sticking out, brought $165 in 1994.
Jackman and Golden Wedding whiskey bottles
These are the two better known whiskey bottles. This Jackman bottles sold for $40 in 1999; two more for less than $15 in 2000. For Golden Wedding prices, click here.

In 2017, a Continental Distilling quart bottle in marigold sold for $10.

Hartung Book Four: Jackman Bottle

Canada Dry bottle
Sun Punch soda bottle
Corn bottles.
Little Barrel.
Cleopatra bottle, Fish bottle, Narcissus and Ribbon
As far as is known, these three pieces are the only examples in existence. The Cleopatra bottle is 16 inches tall and illustrated in Marion Hartung's book 9, courtesy of the late Bob and Geneva Leonard; the Fish bottle is white and 14 inches of these in marigold sold for $120 in 2016; the Narcissus and Ribbon is also courtesy of the Leonards.

Hartung Book Nine: Cleopatra Bottle

Inca bottlesAztec Sun bottle
Skull JarIndian Face bottle bottle

Updated 12/20/2017