Band of Stars

A rare pattern, this wine or cordial set has 4-inch tall glasses. This set was in the collection of the late John Britt. I don't know who made it, but I suspect either Cristolerias Piccardo of Argentina or Brockwitz of Germany.

Wine set, 6 glasses, tray
Marigold, 75 (2005), 135 (2016)

Wine set, 4 glasses
Marigold, 55 (2010)

Wine set, 6 wine glasses, undertray
Marigold, 100 (2011), 95 (2012)

Wine Decanter
Marigold, 130-200

Wine glasses
Marigold, 25-40

Underplate for wine set
Marigold, 50 (2003)

Last updated 2/1/2017