Alphabetical Listing, H
Half Diamont
Hand vase
Hanging Cherries
Hanging Cherries, Hobnail reverse
Hare and Hounds
Harvest Flower
Harvest Poppy
Hawaiian Lei
Head Wig Holder
Heart and Vine
Heart Band
Hearts and Flowers
Hearts and Trees bowls
Heavy Cut
Heavy Diamonds
Heavy Grape, Dugan
Heavy Grape, Imperial
Heavy Iris
Heavy Pineapple
Heavy Prisms
Heavy Vine
Heavy Web
Hen on Nest
Heron mug
Herringbone and Beaded Ovals
Hexagon and Cane
Hobnail, Millersburg
Hobnail, miniature
Hobnail, others
Hobnail Swirl
Hobstar, Cambridge
Hobstar, Imperial
Hobstar Band
Hobstar and Arches
Hobstar and Cut Triangles
Hobstar and Feather
Hobstar Flower
Hobstar and Fruit
Hobstar and Shield
Hobstar and Tassle
Hobstar and Waffle Block
Hobstar NuCut vase
Hobstar Reversed rosebowl
Hoffman House
Holly, Fenton
Holly, Millersburg
Holly and Berry
Holly and Poinsettia
Honeycomb rosebowl
Honeycomb and Beads
Honeycomb and Clover
Honeycomb and Daisy
Honeycomb and Hobstar vase
Honey Pot
Horlacher advertising
Horse Medallion
E.A. Hudson Furniture (lettered)
Human Image
Hyacinth lamp
Hyacinth Vase