Alley Cats, Happy Cats, Fenton
These happy fellows are Fenton's Alley Cats. They're about 11 inches tall and are quite heavy. Intended to be doorstops I think. The first was produced in 1970 in amethyst and subsequently in a number of other colors including blue, red, green, pink, celeste blue, sapphire blue, and teal. Regardless of color, they seem to sell for $25 to $40 on ebay and at live auctions, though sapphire and red examples may bring more. In 2016, purple and red examples sold for $55 and $130, respectively.

In 2017, a purple example brought $50 and in 2018 a red example sold for $210. Also in 2018 a sapphire blue example sold for $80 and a green one sold for $70.

This is the 5 1/4 inch tall Happy Cat. They are made exclusively for the Fenton Art Glass Collectors Association. Quite desirable, blue examples sold on eBay in 2004 for $66 and $67.

Updated 11/19/2018